Monday, January 28, 2008

The wind is howlin'

It's windy tonight. I like the wind at night. It puts me so sleep like raindrops do. It was windy last night too. At Cruces today, it was a very crispy 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

I got some new undies, Giovanni, one pair of hipster Levis, and a cute pair of black Converse tennis shoes. Chucks they call them. I always fancied a red pair of high tops but I got black low tops for the dancey aerobic class. I wanted a pattern to sew something like a summer dress or a top and my husband even stayed in the truck and read a book while I was in Jo-Anns shopping, but it was not to be. The shrug pattern I wanted they were out of, and for the other pattern I just couldn't find fabric I loved. So I left. Some other time...

I didn't get sick so that's good. I thought I was coming down with something because why was I so tired. I dunno. I'm fine now!

Sounds like Guiliani may have to drop out of the primaries for lack of money. I'll be disappointed. McCain, I like him but I worry about how he authored that bill with Kennedy to make all illegal immigrants American citizens. Sure, he backed off when he realized how unpopular it was and I respect that. I like a man who can admit he was wrong and go a different way based on what the people want; but as president he could change his mind. I have the utmost respect for him as a war hero. Obama, I like him. I have to say I do like him. Hilary, I'd never vote for her anyway, so she can cackle all she wants. I was so set on Guiliani that I don't know diddley about the other Republican candidates. November is too far away still. But here's an article about Ted's recent rant (well deserved) on Bill and Hilary.

Obama: Resident of the new Camelot