Saturday, January 12, 2008

Article demonizing homeschooling

Article at the NYT: Lack of Supervision Noted in Deaths of Home-Schooled

Here we go again. A mentally sick woman murders all four of her babies, ages 5 to 17, and says she home-schooled them. Now the mayor of Washington in D.C. wants to establish better tracking and monitoring of all home-schoolers.
  1. The mother took her kids out of public school in March 2006. She never submitted a request for withdrawal to the school district. That's not home-schooling. Legally, they were in the public school system.
  2. If the public school system protected children from abuse and murder then logically speaking, all children who go to school are safe. Read the newspaper. America's children in the public school system are not kept safe from harm.
  3. I deduce that whatever was happening in that family, there was no education going on.
The worst of it is that social workers made several attempts to visit the family and reported the kids' absences from school to the authorities. So how do four children go missing, are murdered, and nobody anywhere in the entire community notices?

Tightening requirements on genuine home-schoolers is not the solution. Blaming the horrifying deaths of these babies on home-schooling, and as a mother I call them all babies regardless of age, and pointing the finger at home-schooling is a red herring.

I'm not particularly politically active, but we would take action necessary to support and preserve the right and the freedom to educate at home without intervention from the government. Our forefathers who established the foundation of this country received all or part of their education at home.

Just because a murderous mother claims she was home-schooling doesn't mean she was home-schooling. She also claims all four of her daughters were possessed by demons and died in their sleep; the eldest with a knife beside her and the youngers with evidence of ligature markings and blunt force trauma upon their little bodies.

To evade county officials all the mother did was not answer the front door. Since no one came to the door for months Child and Family Services Agency closed the case. I think there should be some investigation all right, and home education regulation in Washington, D.C. is not at issue.