Saturday, February 02, 2008

a lost day

I woke with one of those headaches. Took a a Tylenol PM and went back to bed and woke up still with a headache at 3:00. Took a couple Excedrin and it went away and I went for a bike ride for three miles to try to perk up my body. A whole day lost. Didn't wash my hair. I missed the Catholic church's fiesta where they carry a cross down the street and have a big potluck. And I didn't practice dance at all.

But we did watch a Rocky movie tonight which I thought would be way stupid, but it was surprisingly good. We used to enjoy going to see the fights. I like to scream at the fights. We haven't gone in ages though. I used to like Oscar de la Hoya a lot. Sylvester Stallone did a good job in the film. I was impressed that his acting was quite good. My favorite scenes are when he's talking to his son and gives him the low down on what it be like, and when he's at his first day in training.

Forgot to mention that the roadrunners were here day before yesterday. I fed them but they haven't been back. They must be eating well somewhere else.