Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Category updated

I did some housekeeping in my blog today and added all the stuff I've beaded to the 'Beading' category.

It turns out the truck had a pin hole in the booster or something like that. It will be fixed tomorrow. We have a giant, long hill, about a ten or twelve mile long incline to pass to get to San Diego so we need the truckie to be in tip top condition. And my husband cleaned the inside of the truck today. It's all nice and clean now. He was gone all morning till about 2:00pm. Tomorrow he goes to the doctor for the results of his cholesterol test.

I'm trying to select bead colors online and while I was doing that I thought I ought to finish a pair of earrings I started about six months ago. I finished the partly started earring tonight and I believe I like it. It dangles so far it tickles my shoulder! It's a dark blue/purple background with a metallic green, fire-breathing dragon. It's so pretty. I only made one boo-boo. When the pattern called for three red beads I used fuchsia. Drats. I was too far along to fix it so it's permanent. It's not majorly noticeable. Hopefully. It had to be a loud fuchsia I chose as the wrong color.

Didn't see Ivan today. Tomorrow is the day now. Mañana, as they say. Mañana is my favorite day.

Fuel forecasted to pass the $4.00 mark in the spring. That's a bad thing. A very bad thing. I'm so thankful that we went to Alaska and Nova Scotia and all across Canada already. At four bucks a gallon we won't be driving a lot this year. Looks like we can still make it to Wyoming though. I sure hope so anyways. We can get there and stay for a couple months. I hope to see the fawns when they're just born or very young.

There was bird screeching like crazy outside early this morning. The sun had barely risen and he woke me up! But I went back to sleep.