Thursday, February 21, 2008

I feel better and

For two days I felt so bad for our son. He's handling the incident well though. I'm pleased with him. Working through difficulties can build character and I believe he's going to be a man of good character like his father.

They "let him go" at his volunteer job. This child is industrious and has been going to his "job" seven days a week since we arrived in August. But a problem regarding liability arose. He had been working outside more with the men, the rangers, and he had been in and around heavy equipment and the management was fearful that an accident could happen. I don't blame them a bit. I do understand and they are correct in their action. But for a child it's a bitter pill. He loves the rangers and thinks the world of them. He was tearful for two days. Now he's getting control and he says, "Mamma, I've been hired and fired and I'm only ten years old. Who else can say that?" Haha! He is my heart. One must have a sense of humor, yes? I think the management could have handled it in a kinder fashion, but such is life. We crumble or we get stronger. Or we turn angry and ugly. We're trying to help him get strong, and I do not want him to become sour. I do my best to help him with that. Other people, I'm thankful for the other people in this park, they are helping too. They talk with him and it's therapeutic for him to talk about it - to talk it out. We're leaving sooner than expected now. We're leaving here March 1st. It leaves us enough time to wrap up loose ends here.

We're going to spend two months in San Diego! My husband made reservations today. We had reservations for one month all set. That's our usual. But we decided to leave here earlier, March 1st now, so we needed to move our reservation in San Diego up. Well, the lady who does reservations remembered our son and when my husband hemmed and hawed about which dates to reserve she said, "Just make your reservations for two months." And guess what. That's what he did. I am happy!

And I didn't want to go to dance, but I went anyway and I'm a better person for it. I feel lots better inside and out.

The moon was brilliant on my way home from class. It's nice to see things. Sometimes I look, but I don't see. Tonight I looked and saw. It was very big and very bright.