Friday, February 22, 2008

Quality time

It could be that sometimes I spend too much time on my computer. One night a couple months ago I found a ton of '70s commercials at YouTube. And I'm talking quality stuff. Remember the crying Indian? Remember Euell Gibbons? Remember the Creepy Crawlers commercial? I had Creepy Crawlers. Well, I spend a couple hours downloading all this high quality stuff and the next day our computers didn't work. Turned out we have a certain about we can download per day and if we go beyond the amount we get penalized. That's lame. So ever since then I don't do too much YouTube all at once. But here's a goodie. Remember those educational Coronet Films? I tell ya, there are so many films from school that I wish I could find for my son.

Here's one from 1959, such a very good year. The year I was born. It's titled Books and Their Care. They don't make 'em like this anymore. My husband thinks I'm one disturbed homeschooling mom. Haha! Our son actually enjoyed it. The part about how to care for the spine of a new book is good info. A lot of people don't know you should do that, but my mom showed us when we were little. She's a major bibliophile. No joke.