Monday, February 04, 2008

Politics and horsemen

There's a very good political article at Fox News. I'm still off the daily horrifying news, but my husband knows what I like and he sent this one to me. It's titled:

Virtue of Contemplation on Super Tuesday

A quote:
Contemplation prepares the soul to recognize messages of real beauty, goodness, and truth. It also enables us to pick out the impostors along the way.

There's an interesting character in the park. I hope to meet him. Our son met him today. He rides his horse all across America. For reals. He's got a couple pack horses and one he rides. He's staying in a tent with one of our illustrious camp hosts. He's been doing riding across the country since 1993. He's got a web page at Horseback America Expedition. I didn't know he was still here so I hope I get to meet him soon.