Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The key. I found the key!

Yesterday I told my son to hand in his history lesson paper. He gave it to me and it was torn. It was illegible. It had tear stains on it. After 30 minutes of work it consisted of three sentences. But the Mamma cannot cry during school.

So I said, redo this paper. This time type it. See how it goes. You have it all in your mind you just need to get it in written form. Twenty minutes later he handed in his paper with the biggest, most beautiful smile. It was the best paper ever. Thank-you, Lord. I've found the key! The key to the universe! I am mother of a boy child and since I don't think like a boy, I am learning as I go along. Second time around even, since my older boy is 29. I am a slow, but a sure learner. For my children's sake, I'm sorry I don't learn faster.

And so he took a picture of my hair for me in the afternoon. This is February sitting down hair. I don't think I've had a sitting down hair photo before. And this is my hair with curls. Yes. Curls. I wore it up all night in three twisted loops. Took it down 15 minutes before the photo was taken. This is the very best my hair can do for curls. I love curls, but I cannot have curls. Boo hoo.

Tomorrow we go to Cruces and I hope to get fabric to sew something like a blouse on my new-old machine. I hope we might get a Nano-Pod too. But I just have to wait and see on that.