Monday, February 25, 2008

Milestones of a long hair

Since I'm getting a trim I decided it's a good time to record technical stuff I notice about this length. Milestones of sorts. Brace yourself for a very deep, complex posting. Heh.

My length is 41.5" and I preface this with fair notice that I'm a shortie at 5'2". My tall girlfriends must spend more time growing their hair to reach these same milestones. Sorry pals! And I'm not only short, but also short waisted. How do I prove it. You know those cool hip hugger tights sold in the dancewear shops? They go all the way to my waist. Bummer.

Onwards and upwards!

When I comb it out at this length I noticed recently that I can't just comb downwards if there are very many shedding hairs in the comb. Instead, I must hold my hair against my body and then pull the comb outwards, away from my body, else I can't maneuver my arms far enough to remove the shed hairs because they're so long. Cool, huh. Kinda.

And several times I have pulled a hair off my arm thinking it must be a stray, unattached hair ready for the trash can, only to find it is still attached to my noggin. Kinda cool too.

It gets caught quite more often when it's down than ever before - in a closed car window, in door latches in the house, underneath my bottom when I sit, or someone else's if they're close beside me!

I believe this length is a boon for my ends because when combing out I can tilt my head a bit and it falls to mid-thigh length in the front. I can then slowly, gently comb through those tippy ends while keeping them flat against my thigh. Why is this significant and why is this a milestone? Good question! Because now I don't have to cause those fragile ends to flip each time I do a comb through. By holding the hair stationary and flat the ends endure less abuse and less manipulation; two things which are always beneficial to maintain and attain longer length.

It is a delight to the senses to feel the totality of the length.

As of now, I am braced to pass the longest length of hair that I've ever had in my life. Well, except that I'm getting a small trim tomorrow, so that will delay me a little bit. But delays and waylays are life. You can't really properly make waylay plural, but I took some artistic license here. It's my blog. I can make up any words I want.

I'll be fifty years old in 2009 and I am glad I'm still doing new things!

Those are my deep thoughts of the day.