Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lyrical routine

We actually learned the first part of a dance routine in lyrical class tonight. I need to practice it. I wrote the steps down. The choreography is to a song called "Raincoat" by Kelly Sweet. It's a bit of a bluesy pop-jazz song; smooth, slow, calm. Here it is at YouTube. The moves are pretty too. The other girls danced it better but it's to be expected since they're familiar with the teacher and her style. I notice she doesn't teach in counts of eight. She describes each move. It does cause you to let the music move you more so than the counts. I think this may be a good thing. In college everything was done to counts. It can cause you to dance too mechanically. That reminds me. I used to think everything in counts of eight when I was a student. I used to cook tacos in count of eights.

The dance studio was so cold. I never did get hot. The gas was turned off by the gas company. My dance teacher is going through a lot. She said every day it's something. I feel so bad for her.

No Nano yet. Next payday I think. I did get fabric to sew a top. Let's see if I can find the pattern link online. Found it! McCall's 5050. I'm making style D. I decided to sew only this and make sure it fits. I usually have to adjust the bust a little but I have trouble with shoulders being too wide on me. With the elastic neckline on this one I don't expect the shoulders to be an issue.