Saturday, December 09, 2006

Took a nap

Today I spent two hours reading the owner's manual for my new camera and looking at the lens, the camera body, the batteries and charger, all the buttons, and screens, and dials. Then I went and took a nap.


Christina said...

Can't wait to see some pics with your new camera!

About my test I, I didn't make any gross noises. :)
I HATE when people do that too....totally gross.

Plus, I have a very bad gag reflex. Stuff like that makes me nauseous. I can't even look in the mirror when I brush my teeth.

I'm pretty pathetic actually.


yrautca said...

Congrats on the new camera!

I have a digital camera and I tried to take the picture of Mt Rainier with it. Problem is that with my naked eye the mountain looks huge but when I take the pic, the mountain looks tiny in the pic and in the background of the photo. I asked my dad and he said thats because my camera is a wide angle camera, meaning it captures a wide horizon. I dont think I can fix that in my camera. Is that a common problem?

kim said...

I love naps!

Will we see new pix tomorrow?

Oooh, you're in a different time zone, maybe if I just stay up later you'll post some!!!!!!

Liliana said...

Christina, I guess you definitely don't brush your tongue then, eh?

Yr - your dad is right. Still, you can find something else to photograph and now you've learned something about your camera too.

I wonder if you can get down low on a street and get a nice something that way? Your wide angle might make the street look really big and pull the eye in that way. Possibly. Or try a building. Maybe stand next to the building and point your camera straight up the to sky Or you can do close-ups you know. You don't *have* to have a macro lens for close ups. I don't have one. I just get as close as I can to the flower. Don't be afraid to try your flash even in daytime too, see if it looks different that way. Not many wildflowers this time of year but you could buy some for practice or take your camera to a nursery and put your camera as close as you can.

Generally, you need a main subject, try to let it fill your frame, and make sure you don't have to much "stuff" in the frame that detracts from the main subject. Find a tree, a car, something you like. For Mt. Rainier to look like you want, you'll have to get in your car and drive closer!

Sales of cameras with optical zoom are huge and it's because of exactly what you describe - you want to bring the mountain closer to you.

Find another subject beside the mountain and give it another go. People think wide angle can only do landscapes but that's not the case.

Kim - I gots no pix! I have to feel this thing in my hand, read instructions and push buttons at the same time, and get over my intimidation still. Heh.