Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gunne Sax

Remember Gunne Sax dresses. I had one. They were so pretty.

Tonight I've been informed that our son's April wedding is to be formal. That's not what it was going to be before now. Our youngest will be the ring bearer. The men have to wear tuxedos and I have to wear formal. I would run my regular three screams, but it will do me little good.

I don't think the bride will want me to wear a sari which I've wanted for a long time and is something I might wear more than once. I'm guessing she will rather I blend nicely. It's her day so I should oblige. Well, I can't wear polyester. I just can't. And I'll never wear anything formal a second time, so I detest the idea of investing much capital in a garment. I'd like to wear jeans and a Victorian punk jacket and lacy shirt, but that ain't happenin' either. So what about a vintage dress. Well even in vintage it's really hard to find something formal or formalish that covers up a lot of the top part. I'm a mother and I can't be wearing a sexy dress to my kid's wedding. It'll be April which may be cool weather, so I need to be covered. I found a possibility.

I found the perfect Gunne Sax dress at eBay. It doesn't tie in the back. Ties are too young for me now. It's not too open up top. I definitely look good in an A-line dress. I have not much waist and an A-line gives me a great waistline. I have reservations about the big ruffle on the bottom. It's the best I could come up with tonight. Sigh.

So did I ever say that my mom's best girlfriend in high school was a girl named Doris. Yeah, my mom and two other girls were the bestest of friends - a threesome. Lila was the other girl. Anyway, Doris's initial are DK as in DKNY. She's it. The real thing.

My mom said Doris was a talented seamstress and that an old lady saw her talent. The old lady, who rented a place to Doris and a roommate, paid to send her to some clothing design classes. Doris had no one else to lean on or to help her. Guess all the rest is history. Just goes to show how the action of a giving heart can blossom into something real big and pretty. My mom recently talked and exchanged photos with Doris. I asked my mom if she knew how big DKNY is and she said, yup. Doris is in the money.

Little gal from San Diego back in the day makes it big. I had one of her outfits once. Pink and white checkered culottes and a white tee shirt top with pearl edging and a coordinating suit jacket. Sounds ghastly now, but it was cute at the time.


Leia said...

Hey Lil!
How cool that you wanted to wear a sari. I understand why you wouldn't want to wear it, so as not to show up the bride. I always wear saris to weddings though! I should send you some pictures!
Anyway, the dress looks pretty, and not open at the top at all I think! Very classic and nice! :)

Christina said...

I think the dress is lovely! It's hard to tell the color on my looks like maybe a light blue?

I hate buying formal things for the very same reasons you mentioned. My sis on the other hand, has no problem buying things and wearing them once. She has a closet full of formal and semi formal dresses with tags still on them that are her "just in case" dresses....

Give me a break.

kim said...

I do like that dress! Very pretty!

But pleeease don't tell me 70's is bona fide "vintage" -- I don't want to be so old I remember vintage from the first time around!! LOL

Kara said...

I LOVE the dress! I think you would look elegant and formal in it. Gunne Sax were big when I was in high school. In fact I got married in my Gunne Sax dress ~ we eloped, BTW. I still have it in my closet. They are just so lacy and feminine. Great choice!

Yucchi said...

The dress is lovely. I even love the seller's choice of background, how clever to photograph the dress at the beach. It sets off the romatic elements in the dress.

I'd go for it! ;)

lacemitts said...

Hi Liliana,
I read your journal often, and this time, just had to respond! I love Gunne Sax dresses! I do believe we are around the same age, and I owned many. I still love the dresses. I wore one when I married my hudband. Think you would look lovely in that dress. It is unique, just like you!

Liliana said...

Leia?! How great to see you! I would love to see pics of you in your saris. In San Diego, not too many saris, but in the San Francisco Bay Area up north there are lots. I found a place online that even sells "automatic" saris to make the wrapping and tucking idiot proof! I dropped the hint that I'd like to wear one, but uh, no comment was forthcoming. That's okay though.

Christina, it's blue and peach which is a little funky but I can deal with it. Too bad your sis can't lend me something!

Kim, it's vintage. And they're playing our songs in the market as Muzac too.

Kara, you wild and crazy girl! That's neat that you kept your dress. Maybe you'll have a granddaughter who will treasure it? ...Some day in the future.

Yucchi! Hello! Nice to see you. I thought the background photos were a nice touch too. Just perfect.

And Lacemitts. Wow, you commented. :) So you and Kara, both married in the Gunne Sax dresses. I was a bridesmaid in a peach colored one. If...if you wore Dittos also, then I will venture to say we're the same age.

It was fun to read all your comments.