Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I have yarn

Since we had to get up at 7:00am to feed the animals we decided to drive straight into Las Cruces instead of coming back home. I went to Hobby Lobby. Found no yarn I wanted. Went to Unraveled and found some pretty purple acrylic yarn for only $4.99 each for 100 yards, plus 20% after Christmas sale. I bought two. I've wisened up (I made up a word) and now know not to buy certain things like novelty yarns at Unraveled because their mark-up is ridiculous. Little did I know on my first visit that the $10.99 Eros ladder yarn could be bought online for less than half that. Ouch. Live and learn. But the hand dyed and animal fur yarns are probably worth the extra cost. I don't need fancy schmancy now though. This acrylic yarn I bought was going like hotcakes. People are making afghans with it and it's nice and soft. I touched this yarn by Plymouth called Oh My! and it's real soft. I'd like to use some of that for something sometime.

We ate McDonald's in the morning and I had a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings for dinner at 3:00pm. It's almost 11:00pm and I'm not hungry at all. We don't eat like this very often so it was kind of a treat.

I'm working in the morning so I have to go to bed now.

I got new reading glasses for $5.00. They're 1.75 power. Such a deal. I'm going blind. My night vision is gone. The other night I was walking with some friends and I almost fell down. I couldn't see the ground in the night time. It's disconcerting. I tripped but I didn't fall. Would have been very embarrassed if TIMBERRR, I fell all the way down. They got a flashlight when I had to go back to the truck. My new glasses are sort of a gunmetal color, brownish? I have to make an eyeglass necklace to hold them. I hope I have just the right beads.

Last night our guests brought us gifts. I was thinking, oh nooooo, because I didn't get them anything so it feels a little awkward, yes? But guess what they gave us: paper plates, paper bowls, plastic forks, knives and spoons - in a flower motif. Haha! It was so cute and I had fun opening each gift! They know we can't add weight and 'things' to our trailer - no space. So I acted excited and like each gift was exactly what I wanted and we all laughed! Pat is such a giver. She loves to give people presents.

I'm going to have really nice dreams of my yarn now. I'll take a photo of it tomorrow.


kim said...

yarn kinda scares me, to be honest. I see these crafty blogs with these people with these beautiful twists of gorgeous fancy yarn for an arm and a leg ... I wonder what I've gotten myself into.

What fun with the paper plates and things as gifts, that's funny and cute.

busyHSmom said...

I have been soooo busy lately and have had no computer time! Today, I am catching up. You have too many interesting things on your blog that I want to comment on...about the wedding, you should wear what makes you feel "you!" The dress you linked is lovely, so are all the vitage dresses on that site you linked to in an earlier post! I think a sari would be beautiful too!

I love the tag you designed for your sister's scarf. And the scarf itself looks fabulous!

Don't get me started on the whole medicating children biz. Grrrrrr!

I will try to check in a little more regularly. I hate to miss out on all the interesting things you write.

Liliana said...

Michele, it is so nice to see you! And what's this you say? Me, interesting? Aw, I'm just tryin' to keep things lively ya know. I do know how busy you are so if you drop in to see me, that's saying something right there. :)

Kim, my pattern is not working. I have to find a new one. I know what you mean about the knitty blogs. But like Michele says, so much yarn, so little time!