Monday, December 11, 2006

Test shot numero uno!!!

Yeah, I finally took a picture. Got the circular polarizer in the mail today. This is outside our trailer about 4:15pm. We had unusual clouds today. I'm bowled over. I'm going to have a meltdown! Just think about when I find a really good view somewhere. Oh boy. Today I only used automatic. Soon I will learn to do my own settings. The click of the camera is much bigger than what I'm used. It's more solid. And there seems to be no shutter lag. No shutter lag? Oh happy day!

Now to figure out how to delete them. And I set the clock but apparently I didn't set set it because it's all zeros again. Only took me 20 minutes to do that. This dSLR is heavy compared to my S2 IS. I shall develop a very strong arm! I also have a cute backpack day pack that holds the camera and lenses at the bottom and you can put lunch or your jacket in the top part. I want to be self-sufficient you know. I don't wanna be saying "Honey, will you carry this for me, please?" all the time. My husband carries everything already. He says when we go hiking, "What am I? A burro?!" hehe!

The backpack is a good style I think because it doesn't look like a camera carrier. Once, at the airport, I saw a bag that was clearly marked "FECAL MATTER" DO NOT TOUCH. And you know what? I think it was camera equipment now. Pretty tricky person, huh? Well, I didn't realize how expensive camera things were. Now I understand why someone would do that.


Christina said...

Simply Gorgeous.

I'm envious of your view!


yrautca said...

Thats a pretty good picture. It seems you have got yourself a nice camera and your skill will only get better with time. Looking forward to seeing more pics :)