Wednesday, December 27, 2006

21 days at half staff

When a president dies, flags are flown half staff for 21 days.

When we drove by our old house last year we saw the tenants left the flag up. They never take it down. My husband put up a 25' flag pole for me in about 2000. If you leave the flag up at night it's supposed to be lighted. If it's not lighted it should be taken down and folded nightly. If we go by again this year I'm walking right up to the porch and taking that flag down myself. It was tattered and faded and getting no love. I wish I had taken it down last year.

I don't think Ford was much as a president. He was pretty unremarkable as presidents go. He sure lived a nice, long life though. Ninety-three years old. Not bad!


yrautca said...

I didnt know that he used to be a handsome young man and even modeled. I saw his pic playing football for Michigan.

Liliana said...

No kidding. I didn't know that either.