Sunday, December 03, 2006

A new day

After much ado, I got up this morning and blurted out that I'd deleted the movies. My husband laughed. It was a great big belly laugh! Knock me over with a feather, will ya. I guess I look funny when I'm wringing my hands and explaining deleted files on the computer. Very matter-of-factly he said there was nothing to be done about it and if it's gone, it's gone. Which is true. He's very realistic. I lucked out! I do know he really enjoyed that Indian music and dancing and I rarely have him tell me to be sure to save a file. Usually he doesn't care much about dance/music productions presented for tourists.

Hey, hey, today is a new day!

And I like my husband's eyes when he looks at me.

And six months later I accidentally found those movies on my computer. Haha!

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