Saturday, December 02, 2006


Ugh. I had to burn over four gigs of photos to CD tonight. Fun. Not.

But a bad thing happened. Of all the files I could have lost could I have lost the one my husband said to be sure to keep? That's exactly the one I've lost. I have a tummy ache.

The CDs only hold 700 megs each. I burned seven. I had one folder with three movies of the First Nations People in Manitoba dancing. Great costumes and the drums moved the earth. I've lost them. They're gone. I fancied uploading one of them to You Tube too. No chance of that now. I let them sit in the recycle bin (you see where this is going?) and figured when I was finished with burning everything in My Pictures I'd just restore the one folder with the movies. So I finished and I clicked Restore. Looked fine, my file folder for 7/18/06 disappeared, good...but it didn't show up in My Pictures...bad. So I restored all the folders and everything from January to July was gone and only August to December 2, 2006 got restored. Checked the settings for the recycle bin and it says my C drive is 32 gigs. Also says it's set to 10%. I don't know numbers very well but I know 4 gigs is more than 10% of 32. I think my recycle bin trashed it. I really don't feel too good. I didn't know the recycle bin had a limit!

Good thing my husband never reads my blog. Woe is me.


kim said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. :(

We came across some diskettes yesterday (remember those?) with some old pix we'd intended to transfer over to our new machines. Dale couldn't get some of them to load, so we lost a few old pix, too.

I'm so sorry the recycling bin ate your stuff.

yrautca said...

Sorry to hear that. Certainly not a good idea to let stuff sit in the Recycle Bin.

busyHSmom said...


Liliana said...

"Bummer" sums it all up quite well, thank you. :)