Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Today's hair by a tree

See? I need a trim. Been planning for a couple months to do it. I had my husband take all these 'before' pictures.

Unfortunately, no after pictures to share. We got a flat tire on the way home and he had to fix it. The light was gone by the time he was done.


Daisy said...

Lilianna you are simply stunning!!! Look at that hair girl, it's GORGEOUS!!!! What a beautiful picture.

Yucchi said...

What a nice picture! I light how your natural coloring really shows up very nicely. I'm 32 and at a where point I'm debating coloring but I wish the silver looked as nice on me as it does on you! It actually makes you look very hip and modern, you look young and confident.

Sandra said...

I have lurked at your page for a while and I finally have to make a comment. Your hair is gorgeous! I have lots of gray that I choose to hide but your pics make me wonder if I should just let it all grow out.

I have to ask you though, I have read in other posts that you do not wash your hair everyday, so how do you keep your bangs looking so nice and fluffy? If I don't wash my bangs at least every other day, they start to get the greasies. Please share your secret;-)