Sunday, December 24, 2006

Patches is smiling

This is Patches the dog - the dog I was scared to death to visit. He looks ferocious and ready to attack. But he isn't! Truth is, he's totally mellowed out here, sitting in the sun taking in the fresh air (it's windy), and his teeth are stuck on the outside of his lips. I thought it'd be a good photo to denote my initial fear!

He's getting used to us. Tonight when we brought him in the house for the night he was bounding about the kitchen with unmitigated happiness. It was so cute. I don't know why he was so playful and happy unless he's just happy to see our son. Patches is used to his family being home most of the day so he must be some kind of lonely.

I'm having an email fight with my sister about punctuation and quotation marks. Usually punctuation goes inside the quotation marks, unless the question or exclamation applies to the entire sentence and not just the quote. Told her I'm going to put her in my grammar zulu head hold if she doesn't quit placing her periods outside her quotation marks. I'll do it too. I'm bigger than she is.

Drove around and looked at Christmas lights tonight. Pretty.

Tomorrow is the day. I wish I could go from October 31 directly to January 2, but we have a kid. Have to do it. We didn't do Advent except for the wreath this year and husband and son both expressed disappointment. I should have done better. I got mad because I lost my file folder and I was too angry to find something else to use. I was angry because I feel my husband doesn't have any idea how much work I put into putting Advent together to make the verses and the songs and the reading and the ritual a perfect fit for us. Been doing some of the Book of Luke instead of my file folder stuff. I'm going to print out the Luke verses and use them next year. Fox shared it with comments and everything and it's really good and most of them are on my desktop already. I should have done better for this year though.

I'll be glad when plain days are back again.


kim said...

yiiikes, I'd be standing in wet pants to meet that dog. But I'm glad you're getting along well with him!

I really dropped the ball on andfam advent, too. We didn't do devotions and the advent wreath lighting like I really wanted to, and I didn't do the calendar thing we usually do, and the children were disappointed. We did many of the same *events* but without the "what's today say?" and they missed that.

So ... next year we'll do better, together. LOL.

I'm NOT looking forward to back to normal, though, because that means gearing back up for school and finding a better time to exercise and all that stuff I'm not very good at.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Liliana said...

lol! Yes, I was really scared about going over there the first morning. Husband said he'd take me and I felt better some but I still had to go inside with son because Patchesdoesn't like men when hair on their face!

Yes, you and I must do better Advent next year. It's our job, huh? The "what's today" is exactly what we didn't do too. It made a difference because the celebration feels incomplete, kwim.