Friday, December 08, 2006

A fluffy bangs question from Sandra

I have lurked at your page for a while and I finally have to make a comment. Your hair is gorgeous! I have lots of gray that I choose to hide but your pics make me wonder if I should just let it all grow out.

I have to ask you though, I have read in other posts that you do not wash your hair everyday, so how do you keep your bangs looking so nice and fluffy? If I don't wash my bangs at least every other day, they start to get the greasies. Please share your secret;-)


Hi Sandra! Thank you for reading my blog and I'm so glad you commented!

My bangs get greasy too and though I don't wash my hair daily [drum roll] I do wash my bangs daily. I wash about once a week and when I wash I'm really ready to wash. But every morning I wake up and the bangs are going the wrong way. They look a fright. It's amazing how washing just the bangs improves the whole picture.

I blow dry them which takes about 60 seconds because my fringe is light. I use a round brush to give them a curve, but then I follow that with blowing them straight down because I don't like an obvious curve. One of the first things I did when I decided to leave my hair long is I thinned out my bangs. It was a drag at first but now that section has grown to about half of my full length. I sometimes wash the very front of my hair also - around my ears and top of head. Anything to avoid a whole wash.

I'm so glad you're questioning yourself about letting your silver show. Questioning is a good. I used henna till I just couldn't anymore because I had too much silver. Why I'm all for doing whatever it takes to feel beautiful. It's important. No one wants to walk around and feel ugly.

On rare occasion I've been the recipient of wonderful compliments on my silver from very young women. I think there are some young women who see something beyond the facade! I've also been snubbed once by a group of women my very own age, and at a Bible study no less. You can't let yourself be overly sensitive if you go silver, that's another thing. It's not the fashion, though I think there may be a wave of women changing that soon.

These are my thoughts on the subject. You have to have some power behind you to let your silver shine. My dad tells me I'd look better if I'd color my hair. I don't think so. I told him so. You only need one person to support you and for me that person is my husband. The hair boards are a great place for self-affirmation too.

There is one passage on Eowyn's blog that I found that you might find interesting. She typed in some parts of a book she read that were her favorite. Scroll to the bottom of the page and read the last two paragraphs that she put in bold. It's a great comment about grey hair!

I know you weren't expecting such a long answer. Heh.



kim said...

HOW do you wash just the bangs? Do you get it all wet? That would defeat the purpose of not washing, wouldn't it?

I have to get my hair wet every day, 'cause of the curls. Otherwise I look like I crawled out of a skunk cabbage. I know that phrase makes no sense, but I'm leaving it because it's funny. I said so.

I agree, it takes some strength and confidence and sometimes a sense of humor to keep the gray, especially if you're young and nearly all the women around you dye their hair. Oh, but it's nice to not be caught in that "my roots are showing" pressure!

I have to tell you a funny about gray. Last week a little 5 year old girl asked her mommy "Do you like Mrs. SlugMom's hair?" and the Mom said, "Oh yes, doesn't she have nice curls?" and the little girl looked doubtful and said, "But do you like how she put the white in it? How did she put all that white in it?" -- she thought it was weird highlights or something, and was clearly NOT impressed. Ha HA! Her mom, who is 10 years older than I am, has almost no gray, and doesn't color. So seeing a younger (than mom) woman with so much white ... LOL. She thought i was trendy-gone-bad, I guess.

Liliana said...
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Liliana said...

Kim, what would I do without out you. You are one sharp cookie and you get up pretty darn early in the mornings too. :)

Clearly, I left out the most important part, the how of it! Let me explain.

If I want to skip a shower because I woke up late and am in a hurry, then I wash my face and my bangs in the bathroom sink. I put most of my hair in a pony and pull my bangs forward and wash them with a dot of shampoo under the faucet. Rinse well. Dry. Very easy. If I'm taking a shower and don't want to wet all my hair, then I put my hair in a tight bun and keep my head out of the water but I pull my bangs out from the rest of my hair and lean my face into the water and wash them with a dot of shampoo.


I started greying when I was 28. When I was 30 it was noticeable. Through my 30's it didn't get better. I truly thought no one else had grey hair. I was not too hip in the hair color department and I did not realize how many women aggressively hide grey at its first appearance. They are a thorough lot!

When I was in my heavy highlights stage I had a little girl ask my son why was my hair black and blonde. I was horrified. I thought it was brown with blonde highlights. Her mom was one of those most fortunate creatures, a natural blonde. Kids. Bless their hearts.

I think when the little ones make totally innocent remarks and have honest questions about grey hair (so little of it do they see, right?), short of bonking them on the head (which you can't do in front of the mother), I think we should be forthright and honest. You have to admit, silvers are different. They draw attention to themselves. They holler and shout when surrounded by dark hair! It's not what a lot of kids are used to seeing.

Seriously, the daughter will learn what her mother's real opinion of grey hair is later when you're not there. The ten year old is seeking her mother's opinion. This is the age when girls are brought into the fold of mainstream fashion. The moment she asks the question though, you've got the chance to say how you feel about yourself and your hair. Take it!

My mom had a small amount of grey when she was my age. I have more than she has now and she's 70. My sister's 43 and has had a handful - none that show currently.


(Resubmitted for too many typos.)

busyHSmom said...

What a messed up society we live in...young girls paint themselves and do all sorts of artificial things to look older. Older women paint themselves, color their hair and do all sorts of artificial things to look younger. Why can't we just celebrate and enjoy who we really are??? (((sigh)))

Liliana said...

Busyhsmom, I like how you get straight to the point! Shazaam!