Friday, December 15, 2006

Sun spots

Apparently there's a lot of radiation out in space the last couple days. Our satellite communication has been slim to none during the day and zip at night. The scientists have got to be informed that Liliana has a blog to keep up. I can't have sun spots, flares, solar wind, and coronal ejections interrupting and complicating my journaling activities.

Okay. A quick update. We went to Las Cruces on Wednesday. I found the cutest '70s style suede coat for the four year old daughter of our favorite park ranger. It's so cute. She's so cute. She says she's into 'fashion.' My, my. So I went to the girls clothes department at Dillards. I never get to buy little girls clothing! It was very fun and took me all of three minutes to find the perfect coat.

At the Luminaria I babysat her for about 15 minutes. I was worried because at age four my son would never be still. She sat next to me the whole time. Never got out of her chair. I was so surprised. We talked. She decided since I had no gloves on that my hands must be cold (they weren't) so she held my hands in hers and rubbed them for a few minutes. I was moved. Her mamma must do that for her. She told me Santa has chocolate cookies. Hehe!

And what's up with matching bra and underwear sets at the mall? Gorgeous, feminine brassieres with big, giant coordinating underwear. You can't wear giant waist high panties with jeans. You can't have panty lines either. And if you can't buy the set together, what's the point of matching? I didn't buy any. Drats.

I knitted a scarf for my sister for Christmas. This one I finished in three days. Fast, huh! It's just like mine but narrower and with fringe and no pockets. So, I guess it's not just like mine, but it's cute. Today I'm figuring out how to attach the fringe. I have to wait for Reta to come home so I can borrow a crochet hook hopefully. Seems I've lost mine and I haven't even used it once.

Today is Friday, December 15th, 2006. Something has to be done about this.

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kim said...

Did you take a picture of your sister's scarf?

Oh, and that's "the same" in my book. LOL! I cook like that, make "the same thing" only without this and more of that and some of this thrown in. Although, unlike my mom, I do in the end try to re-name the dish. Because one time? She said we were having lasagna. Now, I will grant you, lasagna DOES come in many shapes and sizes and has room for artist's modifications. BUT. What she served had elbow noodles and zucchini and ketchup. Okay, perhaps I am exaggerating? I remember few details, only the gist of the experience, hearing "lasagna" and imagining lovely layers of pasta and cheese and tomato sauce. And being confused and crushed to get some odd goulash like something in a lasagna pan.

But now I am way off topic.

I am impressed with your efficient knittiness.

And I was waiting to see pix from your new camera of your sun spots, I was going to say, "Wow, that is one amazing camera!!!" :-D

Um, perhaps the bug we've had has taken root in my brain.