Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday, yay!

Free to do whatever I want today!

It's very cloudy outside. They've been forecasting weather coming in for a week, but it's hasn't materialized. Son is hoping for snow of course, but he hoped for snow in Southern California too. He hopes for snow everywhere! I heard there were a few flurries early this morning but I was snoozin'. My husband keeps telling me to look at the sunrise and I keep saying it's not the one, and his voice goes up a few octaves and he says, "What? That's not a great sunrise!" lol! Yeah, it's great, it's just not so photogenic.

My dad went home yesterday and was pale and weak. He slept for four hours and my step-mom said he didn't move. She was worried. Then he woke up and had his color back and ate some food and his spirits were up again. I guess he hasn't had any good sleep for a week. Today he woke up and asked for breakfast and that's a good thing there.

I've disabled comments because they've plum wore me out! I want to come to my blog for R&R and feel peaceful and be able to practice here. I'm the kind of person who takes forever to compose a simple comment. Isn't that pathetic. So since I cannot return comments I'm going to disable them, so I don't feel like I have bad etiquette.

I need some new colors around here too.