Sunday, December 24, 2006

Major cutback

Man, I have to cut back on my 'puter time. Yesterday I popped a tv dinner in the oven and forgot to turn the oven up to temperature (for the third time). I forgot to close the ceiling vent which caused the furnace to run a lot last night and uses up propane. Went to bed and left the space heater under the table. That might be a fire hazard, hmmm?

I must chop my forum time. That's all there is to it. Less time on photography talk, travel and rving talk, hair talk, news, email,, theology, homeschooling, blogs, knitting and beading. Bummer. Huge bummer! But evidently it's absorbing my mind and attention too much away from tasks at hand. Notice I didn't list blogging. Surely I can blog and think at the same time?


yrautca said...

I know what you mean. I am not like that anymore but there was a time a while ago when I was doing a math forum and it was affecting my life. I guess its not particularly healthy. You need to go for a jog.

kim said...

I, for one, pretend I can still blog and think at the same time. Just don't ask my family. I'm glad you're not cutting blogging, since that's my primary connection with you (since I've already cut out nearly all my hair talk)

Merry Christmas Eve! :-)

Liliana said...

I totally need to go for a jog. I TOTALLY need to go for a jog. You're so right. Your poison was math?! Wow. You need to give me some tips to encourage our son to excel in math.

I hate to stop the blog. Come to think of it Kim, you have cut the hair talk. Well, all things in moderation and I seem to have gone off the tippy end of moderation.

Good to know I'm not alone at least.

Husband has commented lately on how I'm not getting anything done when my computer is out. He's been kidding but you know, I have to listen to the truth inside the kidding, huh? :(

Merry Christmas to you two too!

Eowyn said...

I'm with them! Keep the blog, keep the jog. Definitely also keep Patches, the beautiful dog. : )

Time on the computer can easily be like a whirlpool, sucking you further and further in. I do it too, sometimes, except that I usually get too antsy and tired of sitting still. Also, the memory of my kitchen, which is probably a disaster, pushes itself into my consciousness eventually. But truly, lots of people have this battle. I'd MUCH rather you keep blogging though, and ax the forums as needed. imho, please.

Liliana said...

(((Eowyn))), you're a dear and such the poet tonight. :)

I've taken the forums off my bookmarks to help myself not go to them. I'm doing well (in spite of it!).

This evening Patches the dog kissed me and came over by me so I could love him up. I was busting with joy. He let me touch his head and ears and rub his chest. Up to now he'd come over by me when I sat in the chair but I could only look at him and talk to him because he'd back up immediately if I put my hand out to pet him. Progress!