Saturday, December 16, 2006

Scarf for my sister

Taa daa! It's blowing in the wind. The tag I made to go with it is below. It's garter stitch which means all knit stitches. Reta said I better learn to purl soon.


kim said...

It's so beautiful!!

go to - that's where I learned to knit and purl and yarn over.

That's all I know so far, LOL. Fringes? I don't know fringes.


Liliana said...

I love that site, Kim. It's excellent. I've been trying to purl all night. It looks so easy but you have to be so coordinated. Anyway, I'm very irritable now!

Fringe is easy.

I don't know if you can tell but the scarf I made goes really well with jeans.

I love chenille!

Christina said...

It's beautiful!! Great job! :)

Plus, I love how you chose to display have a definite flare for the dramatic! Much better than just laying it across the bed or something..

You're so cool...;)

yrautca said...

Such a romantic picture!

Liliana said...

I'm cool? And it's romantic? Thanks (((you guys.)))