Sunday, March 15, 2009


Was anyone going to tell me that BusyHomeSchoolMom has returned to us from the distant land called In Real Life? She has a March post up and not only that, she's working out. And not only that, she's doing the plank, like me. I didn't even know what the plank was until a month ago. I'm going to be very inspired by her blog. I need it. I've been a little depressed about leaving all my classes.

Today I cleaned out the closet and offloaded a bunch of weight. Most of the extra weight amounts to creative projects I've left unfinished. I packed away my knitting and knitting needles. Gosh, I love my knitting needles but I forgot about them all year. I packed two sewing projects (skirt patterns and fabric). I am so ashamed! I packed one baby quilt - this is my third year working on this little quilt because I'm stuck on a step. Overall, again, somewhat depressing. Face to face with my undone projects I felt knee high to a grasshopper.

I'm not sure if I mentioned we did obtain the storage space we hoped for here in town. It's huge and waaay cheaper. We could live in it it's so big! In April we will transport our household goods from storage in CA and store it here, closer to us. That'll be so nice. The alternative was to sell off more of our stuff this year as storage prices were rising and I wasn't exactly looking forward to that. Now it's worked out better than I could imagine. I think a still, small voice is speaking to us.

Tomorrow is our last day at our church. We'll miss it terribly. I think I miss it already. How will I stay strong without my pastor? I need that weekly spiritual food. I need that one day of the week to refill my soul to strengthen me to be in world for the next six days.

On Monday night I will be a-postin' in my blog from northern New Mexico instead of southern New Mexico! I will try to write Sunday but it's likely to be a busy day what with packing up. We need to rearrange things inside here to ensure nothing will fall or break while we're driving. Being stationary means we didn't have to worry about battening down anything. We're going to pull all the slide-outs in and move one site over so we can super clean our site before we go. My husband gets annoyed with me because at the last minute I get all caught up in raking the sand and making the site looks purty for the next resident. I explained to the men that I want to leave this site as we found it and when I wasn't here I found out my husband said to my son, "Does that mean we should throw trash back on the ground, put a sand dune under the picnic table, and replace all the dog pooh we cleaned up?" Very funny. Not. I concede, the site was in poor condition when we came but we have a reputation to maintain. I don't care about other people - this family will leave this site a clean and welcoming sight for the next camper who pulls in, and that's the name of that tune.

I am sad and blue about leaving and at the same time excited and anticipatory about traveling to new places.

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