Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm getting my groove back! This evening I practiced catching the sunset with a couple Utah Junipers in the foreground. This one I took in RAW format which is a digital negative, and was pleased that it enabled me to bring out the colors so prettily. I am so waiting for the day when I can get a really awesome sunset.

One of the Mittens with deadwood. This stop is next to a place where Navajos were selling jewelry. A lot of the jewelry was very pretty. I was impressed and I'd have bought some if I thought I'd ever wear it. And the prices were very reasonable.

We drove the 17 mile loop and it was it bumpy! We never went faster than 15mph and it took us nearly three hours to go through it. We did stop a lot. This is a high contrast image. I am trying to learn High Dynamic Range imaging and this has the feel of an HDR image but it's not the real thing. It's turning out not to be so easy to learn. But, that is okay. I have time. :) An HDR image combines three images into a single photo: one standard exposed, one over exposed and one under exposed. This photo is just one .jpg though. I worked all last night trying to combine three images and ended up with zip, nothing, nada. Erf.

I'm all sandy. Even my hair is sandy!

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