Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sometimes I lack eloquence

I should add that the word 'putrid' and all of its various forms such as putrefying, putrefaction, and putridity, has been all the rage with a certain 11 1/2 year old boy around here. As I reread, I believe I may have been suffering from arrested speech development in last night's post. Nevertheless! I did some research and found a page that answered my question. It took a few minutes of research though because all the pages I found at first used it just like I used it and as I understood it. I found Jesus hung out with sinners is a very a popular saying.

But he didn't. He moved in their midst. That's a big difference from hanging out with people. I think you could say he hung out with Mary, Martha and Lazarus, who were strong believers but he didn't hang out with the prostitute at the well.

Thing is, I heard the phrase from a youth pastor's wife whom I liked very much. Because she had said that, I felt justified and went ahead and made a MySpace page (I don't have it anymore) but I still felt unsettled about it so after a few months I deleted it. I told her why in an email (because she was one of my two friends and she asked why I took my page down) and she never wrote me again and she speaks to me very little too. I felt kinda bewildered. I didn't say there was anything wrong with her page I just said I thought it was not healthy for children and as an adult I thought I ought not be there when I wouldn't want my own child there. When I used to visit her page after I deleted my profile there would be sometimes extremely suggestive profile pics of other accounts at the bottom of her private page. Seriously, some were not even suggestive. They were blatantly s*xual. She has six kids and her eldest is my son's age. Our boys don't get along well.

Ordered my new lens tonight.

The evening was exceptionally beautiful. It was like an early summer night at 7:00pm. There was a bit of a zephyr and it felt wonderful against my skin.

I had a good workout last night and tonight although I had to put my step aside and do plain aerobics for part of the class tonight. I worry about my foot bones and one knee and my left foot didn't like the step tonight. After class I told the teacher I hoped she wouldn't mind if I set the step aside and not use it all the time and she enthusiastically said, "No problem." And she said she wished more people would listen to their bodies and do the same and that without the step is as good a workout as with the step. I don't know. I think I'm adjusting to having an older body. I'm not used to it not doing what I force it to do. Sometimes, it just tells me, "Liliana, we're not doing this." And that's the end of the conversation. So, I focus on form instead of speed. In dance we focus on form but in aerobics they focus on speed. It doesn't help me to do a lot of repetitions of a movement if I'm doing it in poor form. Either way I'm gonna be dripping sweat so I may as well go slow and sweat. Go slow . . . .and look good doin' it! Boom chicka boom chicka boom, boom, BOOM.

See, this post mostly goes in 2009 Spiritual Tour category but as usual I've got my topics all mixed together.

I thought of one more thing. Two of my scabs came off from where I got the laser treatment for brown spots (seborrheic keratoses) on the 23rd and there's nice light pink smooth skin underneath! I'm happy! One small spot was right between my, um, heavenly endowments, and what a place to have one. Why would I get a spot there? It's hardly in the sun. But I read that they're hereditary, not from the sun. Anyhoo, it's gone! I know it's no big thing but I sure feel good that it's gone. I'm not sure if the laser worked on the red dots though. I can't tell yet.

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