Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quiet day

We got a lot of school done so it was a profitable day. We both actually missed our hsing schedule and welcomed our old routine. Monday was a driving day, Tuesday we were all three pooped, Wednesday we went to Ship Rock (I found out it's two words for the monolith and one word for the town) and it was a long drive there and back so we were pooped again. Today my husband took the laundry to town and washed everything while we stayed home and did lessons. It was nice.

This picture is from the walk we took this evening after dinner. There's an easy trail to go downhill and then you can walk the shoreline as far as you like. The kid was making me a nervous wreck because he had to be right on the edge throwing rocks in the water so when I couldn't stand it another minute longer I told him, let's go back home.

We may go back to Ship Rock for a closer look. Since it's on the Navajo Reservation I was afraid to take any dirt roads around it so we stayed on the paved road. I got one fairly nice pic but sure would like to get closer. I'm scared of the Indians sometimes! One time when we were on vacation on our way to Nebraska we stopped at a spot that had a cemetery on a hill. It was a wide, lush green area with rolling hills and anyone stopping would see the cemetery with its quaint white picket fence. I think, as I recall, it was a historic place but not a monument or a park or anything. So anyways, we three (this was twenty years ago with our older son) got out of the truck and walk up and into the cemetery and were reading the headstones. Out of nowhere, honestly we don't know where they appeared from, about six big quiet Indian men came inside and stood and stared at us. They didn't say anything. It made us so uneasy as no one was around, that we made a prompt exit. It was the weirdest thing. Thing is, if there was any signage that it was private, or if they said they rather people not walk around, we'd understand. No, they just came to scare us. Ever since then, I'm more careful of Native American places.

Anyhoo, I phoned the city and found out any of the dirt roads around Ship Rock are public and we're welcome to drive on them. 'Tis a shame I didn't call before we went the first time.

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