Saturday, March 07, 2009


It's such a boring week-end. There's been wind for three days and there will be more wind tomorrow. It's been blowing from 25mph to 50mph - enough to rock the trailer sometimes. I like the wind but not this much wind! It makes a nice lullaby at night but I'd like a break.

Since I can't actually use my new lens I've been reading about it and looking at photos and making 3x5 note cards to remember what I want to try. Sigh. Not too exciting.

But I am having nice dreams. Photography gives me nice dreams.

In the evenings we're reading a new book, To Kill A Mockingbird. I remember the movie from when I was a kid and it was kind of scary and I didn't understand all of it. I understand more now. I am appreciating the humor and irony and little Scout's personality more completely as I read the book for read aloud. I'm still also reading Les Misérables on my own and I'm fascinated by the bishop character.

I'm thinking about High Dynamic Range Imaging photography where you take three photos (or more) at different exposures and blend them thus obtaining, capturing, more luminance; that is to say, more shades of light and dark in a photo. I successfully figgered out how to enable the automatic exposure bracketing on my camera so I can take three images in quick succession with a single click: one just right, one over, and one under exposed. Cool. For some reason when I tried this before, a long time ago, it was beyond me and I could not get it to work. Got discouraged and quit trying. Whoops, that's called fixed mindset instead of having a growth mindset. This time I read and read and reread till I understood it. Now, I am in need of a view. I also figgered out how to adjust exposure compensation to increase or decrease the exposure value. I am in need of a sunset sans the wind to test that one out. We had a spectacular magenta sunset a week ago. I hope another comes before we leave.

We leave to go to northern New Mexico and southern Utah in nine days!

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