Wednesday, March 11, 2009

After pic 41.5"

Alrighty. As a few peeps know, I pulled my pics down yesterday. I, I, I freaked out a little. I'm back to 41.5 and as I blogged yesterday I realized my current after photo reminded me of another photo. So I looked it up in my blog and found one taken in June 2008 that looked just like my hair looks now! A slight mental meltdown immediately ensued and I took down my whole Tuesday post to give myself a chance to think. I don't know what I expected, but I guess I expected to get a trim and still be like maybe 43" or something. A girl has to go with the flow though and have a grip on reality.

I asked for two inches off. The measurement shows he did take off more than I planned but I saw what he intended to cut before he took the scissors to it (he held it up for me to see first) and I approved. Even my son was watching and he gave his okay. I trust Ivan implicitly. I know he would never cut more than necessary.

I think Ivan has a good eye. I think he did cut it to a better hemline even though it's back a little farther than I expected. I picked a different before photo than I had up yesterday because it shows the ends better for comparison purposes.

All day today I've felt great with my new ends. Once a year = new ends! How many times did I comb through my ends last year I wonder. I wonder such deep wonderments. Today I wore a single braid down, a style I don't normally wear, and I keep admiring my braid tail which is now a little stub instead of a wispy whisper of a tail.

On to some self-aggrandizement and edification.

This is the third year Ivan has trimmed my ends. Finally, this year he commented on my hair. It's about time. Thank you very much for throwing me a bone. He was talking to my son who was standing next to us (I think he thinks it too flirty to say it to me) and said, "Your mom has nice hair" and then he followed it up with, "Your mom takes good care of her hair." Well my head about puffed up too big to fit in the barber shop. Those two sentences were worth a three year wait! When he was done I stepped to my husband and swung my hair to the side and declared "What do you think!" And he liked it. I was happy. Altogether happy.

Two more hair incidents have I to blog. When we got home a man across the street walked over with his dog and said, "Wow, I've only seen your hair up. It's so long." I was ebullient. I know, it doesn't take much to give me a good day. And, best of all, today my son told me that one of the park rangers was waxing on in the office about how long my hair is and the superintendent said, "Really? I guess I need to see her hair!" Haha!

So, to sum it up. I wish I had hair like Jen's, so thick. But I don't. But my hair is not too bad. I enjoy it. It's different. It's part of who I am. The ends Ivan cut were woefully wispy and ragged and uneven. It will be ever so interesting to see how it grows back and how it looks at this time next year. And as my son watched me sit here and study and compare my before and after pic, he said, "Mamma. It's still long." Hehe. My son. He reads my thoughts sometimes. It's all relative, isn't it.

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