Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's hike

Wild Cat Trail in not a maintained trail, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for the cairns. Gotta watch for venomous snakes and insects they say. We didn't see anything but a little old lizard. Didn't even see a bird fly by.

Found out Wild Cat Trail hike isn't free. It's cost us fifteen bucks. Why I oughta. Ya gotta pay to enter the area where the hike is. It's called the "fee area" and when you pass the gate you pay. Bummer, man! So we paid our $5.00 each and drove to the trail head.

This hike is 3.2 miles around the base of the monument called West Mitten, and in between the two Mittens. It was awesome. I mean, I am in awe walking up so close to the big rocks. I like rocks. See those two little pinpricks on the trail? Those are the guys who started right before us. Let's follow! We're going to walk the whole way around the Mitten shown on the right. Brochure says it starts out easy (that means downhill), becomes moderate (it's level part around the monument), then becomes strenuous (going downhill, naturally, means you have to go back up hill). Actually, the uphill part was slower going but not what I'd call strenuous. They were just being cautious in the brochure I think. Part of the way you walk through deep sand and that's good for the legs; harder walking, but good for the legs.

This is the other side of the Mitten.

We finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird. It was good! I think I did a good job reading because my husband was quite emotional and talkative at the end of the story. It was hard to read aloud. I found it to be the most difficult read-aloud I've done.

Also, I made reservations for the Tetons and Yellowstone, two weeks at each in July. Hope it turns out. Reservations and us usually don't get along. For some reason we have the hardest time sticking to reservations. They're hard to get for Yellowstone and the Tetons though, and you really cannot go without reservations and a big rig unless you're the bettin' kind. For Yellowstone I was lucky. I got one of the last two sites large enough for our trailer and truck. Whew! I almost cut it too close.

Tomorrow we're on the road to Arizona. This time we know where a McDonald's is for a nice cup of coffee. Well, Arizona is only about three minutes from here cause we're in Utah just across the state line, but we'll be driving about four hours to our next destination.

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