Friday, March 13, 2009


We had two big rains today and one is happening right now! My husband told me to quit pounding on the keyboard and I told him I'm not pounding at all - it's the rain falling on the roof. It's as if we have a tin roof ya know. I like the sound.

I did yoga class today. My arms are still spindly and I can't hold myself up in the plank position for even a full minute but I have the strongest legs in class. Now that we're leaving I'll go to pot. Boo hoo. No, I will try to work out on my own. I will think positive. We leave on Monday. Oooh, I'm maybe getting excited. A little. My yoga teacher told everyone to say good-bye to me because today was my last day for class. She is so sweet. It was like being in second grade.

I need to buy a Mastex heating cap and I plan to do so soon. I need to upgrade my hair care regimen and that's what I think I need to add. I will do a hot oil treatment once a week. That's the plan.

There are a couple aches and pains bothering me and I will not write about them because I reject them. Do you hear that painful arm? Do you hear that achy knee? I reject your discomforting me and I do not recognize you. Go away!

I had a fair day today. Sort of have a case of the blahs almost, but not quite. My sister said it's the time change. Could be.

Took a pot of my home made chicken soup to our favorite ranger tonight. He has the flu. I told him it's a very manly soup and I warned him that if he sees a bay leaf in it, don't eat it cause it'll kill him. The guy will eat anything. He eats apples, core and all! I could not find that bay leaf but I know it's in there. I hope he likes it and I hope he will feel better when he eats it. Chicken soup really is the best thing for you when you have a cold or flu. That's not me talkin'. That's science! I want to take some to my aerobic instructor too. She has her hands full caring for her dad, shuffling to doctor appointments, taking care of her own husband and three children.

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