Monday, March 09, 2009


We're antsy to leave. I don't know why but the closer it gets to time to go, the faster the time flies. I feel I want to catalog every view of the lake, every drive up the street, every song of the thrasher, every bunny and jackrabbit hopping by. How will I recognize them when I come back?

My aerobics teacher missed class tonight. Her dad fell off of a ladder off of a roof last week. He took that last step up to the roof and accidentally pushed the ladder away from the building. Did I mention that? And he was hurt badly but he was home from the hospital in a few days. Something must have happened with him. Her sister came here to help with his care but our teacher lives only about a block from him. She has three little ones too - her youngest son is only one year old. I wonder how they're doing.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Ivan to get my ends trimmed.

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