Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Navajo Lake, New Mexico

[This picture is from the campground looking to my right. I am standing in a camp site.]

We made it. We drove yesterday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and boy - are we out of traveling shape. We all had sore beehinds! We were shifting cheeks from noon to four o'clock.

We've never been to this place and had never heard of it but it's mighty beautiful. There are only a couple other people in the campground besides us so it's peaceful. It's a large campground with well over 78 sites. Temperature is about ten degrees cooler than in southern New Mexico. This is part of the Colorado Plateau and we are at 7,000 feet elevation so that's why it's cooler. And I can feel the air is thinner. The air is dry in our noses too. We had to settle for a site with no sewer hook-up so we'll have to move to empty our tanks in a couple days. The full hook-up sites are smaller and they don't have the view that the partial hook-up sites have. See all the houseboats at the marina! This place must be hoppin' busy in the summer months. We have not yet gone to the visitor's center but we plan to tomorrow. We also plan to go see a giant rock and some ancient Indian pueblo ruins tomorrow.

I am utterly fascinated by the ancient Pueblo Indians. They are called the Anasazi and for some reason around 1200 A.D. they vanished. Vanished without a trace, or so we think. Perhaps there was a drought some say, or perhaps enemies overcame them, or perhaps, right, aliens took them. I first learned of the Anasazi when we visited Mesa Verde State Park in Colorado. I didn't realize that the Indians vanished also from this area at the same time. Their disappearance is more widespread than I thought. I'm now more perplexed and fascinated by them than I already was!

[And this picture is looking straight ahead.]

I made scalloped potatoes tonight and they were really good.

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