Thursday, March 26, 2009

The road today

It was so cold it snowed a little bit today. And we got hail. We went for a drive to Kayenta about 20 miles away and came back to town - there was a dust storm! All this weather in one day. Now it's 11:00pm at night and it's 30 degrees. Oooooh, chillllly. I'm makin' chicken soup tomorrow.

There were only dust flurries at our campground and we were surprised the mesa got much more snow than we did. Look at it, will ya. Real snow!

And we passed this rock. It looks exactly like Shiprock, but smaller. I'm pretty sure, in the words of Wikipedia, it's the erosional remnant of the throat of a volcano. Looks like the Navajos have an old horse corral at the base of it.

There is only one hiking trail in this area that is free and if the weather will allow it, I sure hope we get to hike it before we go. Tomorrow's a homeschooling day but afterward we can do a little something. I absolutely must get back on track with my Bible reading. I haven't read it all week; not since we've been here. Eek.

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