Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monument Valley

These are called East Mitten, West Mitten, and Merrick Butte and these hues are the exact colors our eyes saw!

We only went to the museum today and then out to dinner, early, at 4:00pm. I had an oxymoron for dinner. Jumbo shrimp with wild rice. It was quite good. It was so much that I have leftovers for tomorrow.

We did do lessons today. That reminds me, the other night our son crowed as he was reading in bed, "Woodrow Wilson is really interesting." Haha! I guess you have to homeschool to hear that one from your kid! I don't know a thing about Woodrow Wilson except he wore glasses.

We have full hook-ups this week and it feels like a luxury using as much water as I want. I'm in my husband's good graces because last week when we didn't have the sewer hook-up (not all campgrounds offer the sewer connection at each site) I discovered I can make our gray water tank last seven days instead of two and a half by washing the dishes in a large pot in the kitchen sink and dumping the water in our bathroom sink. Our trailer is unusual in that it has two gray water tanks instead of one. It's weird. One tank would be normal and so much easier. But the kitchen one is very small and the bathroom one is very large which is backwards because when you're roughing it you're going to shower at the campground showers and you're certainly not going to wash a load of laundry. You're gonna conserve your water as much as possible. Seems like the manufacturers decided to put in a huge tank in the back for the shower and clothes washer and a teeny one in the kitchen, consequently just washing dishes a few times completely fills the tank. We've never, ever filled the back tank up. Why didn't they just make one big tank for the kitchen and bath? We used to have to hook-up and pull the trailer all the way to the dump station to offload the gray water from the kitchen tank, or use the Blue Boy which is a plastic container that you put the dirty water in and you roll it to the dump station. It's not a pleasant job because the gray water stinks and it's hard to get under the slideouts to drain the gray tank for the kitchen (another mistake by the manufacturer). Anyhoo, short story made painfully long, my husband thinks I had a total brainstorm and is happy I saved him from using the smelly Blue Boy.

I accidentally ate a whole package of graham crackers and two Oreos with two glasses of milk at 9:45 pm. I don't know what overcame me. Alas, I was powerless as in, no will power.

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