Monday, March 23, 2009

Red Breasted Robin

Apparently his proper name is American Robin. He wasn't the brightest bulb though. He kept flying into our window. I think he saw the reflection of the tree in the glass and he kept trying to land. Poor feller. Fortunately he didn't fly very hard because the branch was only a couple feet away but it was rather distracting. We had to keep going outside to shoo him away. His is a fine specimen of a tweety bird though, isn't he? Quite handsome.

Woke up at 7:00am this morn and it was four hours till we got on the road. First, it snowed during the night! Quite exciting for us southern Californians. I walked about to take some snow shots, didn't get much, came back and husband was trying to get snow off of the tops of the slide-outs. I used to wonder why folks didn't camp in winter. Now, duh, I know one of the reasons - snow on slide-outs. You can't pull them in, or if you do you'll end up with very wet rooms. Oh dear. Finally we pulled out at 9:00am and had our tasters all set for McDonald's coffee and breakfast. There's nothing like McDonald's coffee and those cinnamon bun things when you're tooling down the road. Mmmm mmm. It's the only time I like McDonald's food. Couldn't find a McDonald's though! No way? Way. So we ate at a restaurant and it was like we were stuck in the '70s. Suffice to say, my dried up omelet with bacon bits was delicious because the restaurant ambiance made up for it. Cheap prices, lots of long hair (it's near a Navajo Reservation) and there was even a mini jukebox at each table that reminded me of dayzzz of old.

And we had to stop at Wal-Mart to buy a few last minute food items because where we were going there's not much shopping available. Like I said, finally got on the road at 11:00am.

And we're here! Monument Valley. It's incredibly beautiful. I took some test shots just to see what my camera would do. Ooooh, my camera likes the East Mitten, the West Mitten, and Merrick Butte. I practiced capturing sunset photos too. I am sure to find a good silhouette here! Tomorrow I'm taking my wide lens and my tripod out for a drive on the loop.

It's cold here, in the 40s today, but we don't mind. The crowds are much less this way.

We missed church. We listened to our pastor on audio last night and talked and talked. My son and I, that is. We miss our pastor.

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