Sunday, March 01, 2009

A sweet tooth

After evening church I came home with a major sweet tooth and I knew just what I wanted. Cake batter. I found a box in the cupboard stamped best used by December 2008. I mixed it up and filled a Sesame Street paper bowl up and, yum, had a second bowl. It was just what the doctor ordered! My husband thinks I'm bananas but I know what I want and I'm not ashamed. Haha! He doesn't get sweet teeth like I do. There was plenty left over so I made a loaf shaped yellow cake. We don't have frosting but it came out nice and moist and I think it'll be very good with coffee in the morning.

Church was amazing this morning. I'll miss it here so much when we go. I'm gonna save my tithe money and give it to this church when we come back. In the past I'd give to whatever church we attended. Once we went to a Calvary Chapel in San Diego that didn't even pass a plate. We had to ask where can we leave our money. They didn't believe in passing the plate and those who chose to give put the funds into a box that's attached to the wall in the back of the sanctuary. We were surprised.

Welp. I'm gonna go to bed and read.

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