Monday, December 01, 2008


My dad is doing altogether well and the surgery went swimmingly. Hooray!

My husband is sicker than I am. I guess we're getting better but our hair is messed up. His is growing out from a buzz so it's sticking up like fuzzy baby's hair and it's smooshed down in different directions.

Our son finished the book The Christmas Sweater on his own and is doing a book report on it. He said the ending is "astounding." Hmmm. I can't wait for us to finish it. We're on chapter six.

I'm going to bed. My computer screen is too bright for my eyes. I made our son write a half a page about Andrew Carnegie's life because I had not the voice nor the gumption to be a teacher today. He was reasonably amenable because he knew I didn't feel well, but at the end he got a bit of 'tude and I said, "If you wanna make things difficult, I can make things difficult for you," and his attitude dissipated instantly. Am I that scary?

I got an interesting invitation from our homeschooling curriculum company. They've inquired as to whether I'm interested in participating in an online discussion with homeschoolers nationwide during three days in mid-December. They said if I will agree to participate for 30 minutes each day they'll compensate me with $100.00. If I'll agree. If I'll agree? I'll agree multiple times if they want! Gimme the sign-up sheet!

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