Friday, December 26, 2008

Windy, windy

Today you have the choice of reading or listening. I give you fair warning. You can read it in 60 seconds, but I yammered on for seven minutes - don't know how that happened. Haha! I said 'um' too much and I enthusiastically banged on my table a couple times, didn't even realize it, so I apologize that one of them is too loud (you hear it at 22 seconds). Onwards and upwards.


It's duperly windy today! The men have gone to do laundry and go to Wal-mart. Hey, I've noticed on Wal-Mart's site they spell their name on the home page both with and without a hyphen. So what's up with that? Are they schizoid? Do they want a hyphen in there or not? It's easier to type without a hyphen, yet I notice the AP spells it with the hyphen.

I have the trailie alllll to myself. Ooooh. I'm home alone! I haven't been exercising for a week so that's a must. Must exercise after I write this. I'd rather do a couple hours of exercise per day than have take an Ibuprofen in the evening because I'm all achy-breaky.

At the Christmas dinner I spoke at length with a fella who has long grey hair that he wears in a pony tail. It looks really good. I've seen him before. I've noticed him on account of the hair, but have never spoken to him. I'm glad I stayed. I wanted to go home because I was so uncomfortable, but if I wait long enough usually the uncomfortableness will go away or at least lessen and it did. Besides, to grow spiritually a lot of times you have to go outside of your comfort zone. He's married like 35 years. He's 55 and got married when he was only 17 and wife, 15. I didn't ask any whys and wherefores about that! He likes photography like I do. He has three kids and three grandkids and I met one of the grands. He was a nice little boy. The wife was home preparing an extensive Christmas meal for 18 guests that included prime rib. I haven't met her. He said he really wants to go on his bike, he's a Harley man, and travel far and wide, but his wife doesn't. He asked me about Alaska and our travels and I sputtered a bit about our travels, but I am rarely wanting to talk about our travels because, well, isn't it quite dull listening to other people talk about where they've been and what they've done? Sometimes I think so. He didn't leave though, so I guess I wasn't boring enough to kill him. We got up sometimes to serve in the food line. Sadly, I have to report, the turnout for the free Christmas meal was dismal.

Our son and his friend were victims of random Christmas kindness this year. As they held the sign out front to entice people to come in and eat, a couple in a pick-up truck stopped and gave them a Christmas card. They opened it and found twenty dollars inside! They were so happy and excited and they split it 50/50. My son thought it belonged to the church and he was going to give it, but the other mom told the kids to keep it. I thought that was awful nice. I'll encourage him to tithe it, but I know he'll do it even without me telling him. Did you know, the Bible talks more on the topic of giving than about heaven and hell. I've haven't double checked it out, but that is what my pastor says. Money is important to people and you really tell a lot about someone depending on how they feel about and how they manage their money. And. You know the tithe is ten percent. Ifns you should tithe ten dollars, but you only tithe one you might want to say, "Well, I gave my one dollar and that's something." However, truth be told, yeah, you gave $1.00, but, now you've stolen $9.00 from God. Now that's something to think about.

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