Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pinch myself

Today we saw two coyotes sauntering down the road, big as life, like they owned it. They looked beautiful and healthy. We saw them go by to the right, then turn around and go by to the left, then run off straightaway when a pick-up truck drove by. It's a lot of sightings in one day.

Took our son to emergency tonight. We feared he had asthma, but it's allergies. He's breathing well now and it's good to know it's not asthma. I have a doctor appointment set on Friday with a pediatric allergy specialist in the city.

I, must, pinch, myself. I felt the urge to get my camera today. I'm taking it with me tomorrow for my walk. I saw a bird sitting peacefully atop a tree and the sun setting sun light shone golden on his feathers. He was watching me. Would have been a nice shot.

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