Sunday, December 21, 2008

A first try Jackie Bun

I played with my hair today. I have been wanting some style so badly lately. The other night I stayed up really late watching this girl's hair videos on YouTube. If I wait till after 1:00am I can download to my heart's content without going over our bandwidth allowance. This gossgirl2 does Apostolic hairstyles. I didn't know they had their own hairstyles, but they are the ones who don't cut their hair according to 1Corinthians 11:15, so they have very long hair. I did what she calls a Jackie Bun and I'm thrilled with the turnout! Actually, when we've been traveling I do think I've seen Apostolic hairstyles, but I didn't know it was Apostolic hairstyles. Some of the styles are a little too staid looking, but others of them I like a lot! I have bangs and Apostolic girls don't. And I have a long face and I don't need any height on top of my head, so I don't do that part. I think they call them "poofs." I find the term "poofs" rather cute and it's so cool to have YouTube where you get to actually be in someone's house watching them do their hair. It's so one and one.

This style is easy! You put all your hair in a pony. When you pull your hair through the second time, pull only a few inches out then fan it and pin it. It will look like a big bloop on the top of your head. Okay, so you have the rest of the pony still handing down. Next take a piece of hair, not too much, and you make what I think is called a barrel roll. You wrap it around two or three fingers then pin it to your head. Do this over and over, making barrel rolls, until you have no more hair hanging down. Voila!

I'm so pleased with it. It's well distributed and feels lightweight on my head. I have no hairs tickling my face. I'm so happy. And I'm amazed that so much hair can be styled into such a small hairdo. It's an optical illusion! Also, it reminds me of my cousin Laurie's hair the way she wore it to her high school prom in 1969. She wore a beautiful blue dress and long gloves to her elbows.

Not bad for a first try and I think I can do it nicer with practice. I took the big step of buying hairspray and I sprayed my hair. I'm going to try it next time without spray to see if it'll work. I don't think mine will stay in place without spray, but I will experiment. I've tried aloe and I get no hold from aloe. Lastly, on the down side, normally I avoid pony tail holders like grim death, but I have to give a little to get a Jackie Bun. That's the way it goes.

Video link: Jackie Bun


Anonymous said...

I love it .. I also experimented the other day and was pleased .. I have a below the bra legnth , with no bangs .. but it was alright .. And it was Fun!!

Liliana said...

That's fantastic! Come to think of it, as long as one can make one and a half turns of the hair into a barrel roll it can work with lots of lengths - it's not a style limited to super long hair only.