Friday, December 19, 2008

Such a ditz

I need a new shampoo. I'm out of Giovanni. Today my son and I went to Walmart. I need him with me because he knows where everything is and also my eyes get so dry there for some reason. I spent maybe an hour in one aisle, the shampoo aisle. I do hate shopping for shampoos. They're all so alike. Finally I picked one. It was purple. That's the best I can remember about it. It was purple and I liked the smell. Maybe it was Suave Orchid. It had sulfates in it and I couldn't find a shampoo that didn't. So next I decided I needed hairspray because I want to try a hairstyle tomorrow. I spent an hour last night looking at this Apostolic girl's hairstyle videos. Some of her styles were a bit on the strange side, but a couple were kind of funky cool and I thought I'd play around and try to follow her instructions. She makes a lot of what she called, I think, barrel rolls. I bought Rave hairspray because I thought it smelled good and the Apostolic girl used hairspray so I need some. I haven't touched hairspray in years. I thought it smelled good in the store but who knows, on my hair it may smell altogether different. So next I bought a travel size of super hair gel. What the hey. Maybe it'll give me sleek sides when I wear a bun. The wind has been so strong and I look like like a crazy science professor when I come in from the wind sometimes.

All the time I spent pacing the shampoo aisle and reading tiny ingredients, and. . . .

And I somehow left the bottle on the shelf. I didn't put it in my basket. I checked my receipt and I didn't buy any shampoo. Serenity NOW! I ended up using the Herbal Essence shampoo I bought last week that left me unimpressed.

I also bought a travel size of spray perfume. One spritz on my wrist and I was coughing for ten minutes. It wasn't my most successful shopping trip.

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