Friday, December 12, 2008


Tomorrow is the big 2008 Luminaria. I will be there at 10:00am to help with setting out some of the 4,000 luminarias along the road and paths. I love doing Luminaria Night. At about 4:30pm I go out again to help with lighting them. There's a potential problem. Weather might be coming! Oh no! There's a cold wind predicted at 30mph and if winds are 30mph there will probably be occasional gusts even higher. It's so quiet right now that it's hard to believe there will be any wind tomorrow. If winds are too high we cannot light the luminarias because the bags will burn up or the candles will be blown out by the winds.

I handmade, well, computer handmade, two thank you cards and the volunteer coordinator and other park people signed them today. Students from the Christian private school, and also one homeschooling family that has five kids, came to the park and helped us fill bags on Wednesday. I made cards for both of them to be sure they know they're appreciated. We finished the work in record time because of the kids! They were such a big help and they worked so hard. Many hands make for light work. The first year we worked here it took us five hours to fill the luminarias with sand. This year it took 90 minutes!

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