Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tuckered out

Oh my, I took a shower and afterward I was plum tuckered out. Somebody must be praying for me. I think, I say it very quietly, I think I am not going to get the coughs! Happy, happy, joy, joy! It's been a mean virus. I didn't know there was such a mean virus on the loose. It's just a head cold, but it'll put you right down.

I put my vanilla soy milk in the micro for 30 seconds so it'd be warmed up. Yesterday and the day before when I drank it cold it gave me a chill and it took me forever to get warmed back up.

And I went for a walk today. Told my husband I have to get out for a bit. It's sunny and cool and by the time we got home I was hot and perspiring. While we were out walking my husband said my hair is really getting long. That's twice he's said that in a week.

I was supposed to lead dance class today but had to cancel, so there's no class. I couldn't get through an hour and a half of movement and my voice is low so I can't be using it too much. Shoot, there's no wiggle in these hips today, no way. I'm going to be all out of shape now and have to work back up to my routine.

Tomorrow I'll get back on the horse and it'll be a regular homeschool day. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

We didn't even do Advent last night because I was in bed sleeping at dinnertime. Everyone had to fend for themselves and make their own meal.

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