Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tomorrow the 24th

I will be making 160 chocolate covered cherry mice tomorrow for the Christmas dinner my church is doing on the 25th to serve the needy. Can I get one more prepositional phrase in that sentence? No, I can not. This photo shows the 27 I made today (that equals one jar of maraschino cherries) and I have six jars to do tomorrow! I've never made so many at once! I'll be making two big pans of candied yams too. The yams I'll bake on Christmas morning, but the mice I will prepare tomorrow and store overnight. They'll keep fine as long as they don't get warm and melt. Maybe I'll put them in the truck overnight because it's so cold out. They won't get too warm outside that's for sure, and I can't do yams and mice and volunteer all in one day. Our son is volunteering to work as a server or whatever they need him to do. I emphasized to him that it's good to ask for a specific job, but he needs to go into it with a mind and heart that he's available to do what needs to be done whatever it may be.

This year, I feel I am in the place I should be more than any other Christmas before.

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