Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sat nite

Our son has a Blackberry and writes me and sends me pics from it. He's at Dad's now and sent me a pic. Dad looks worn. I ask myself whether I ought to make a visit now.

My sweet daughter-in-law got bangs. And she doesn't like them!

Husband and I walked today. It was nice. On March 29th there's going to be a Bataan Death March memorial walk, 15.2 miles, and we're toying with the idea of signing up. My husband has an uncle who died in the Bataan Death March. My grandfather avoided the march, barely, but died on the Oryoku Maru.

I didn't do my hair today! Darn it. I just didn't have the hair-fixing-bug today. Patches the Scary Dog licked my hair though. I love Patches. I might need to wash it before church, but I'll probably do as usual and just rush around in the last 15 minutes and throw my hair up in a Ficcare. When I was young we had to look nice for church. Now I am old and I wear a jeans and an oversized flannel to church. I think I have the best pastor in all the world here. He always wears a dress shirt, a tie, and dress jacket on Sundays. Someday I might start wearing skirts all the time. Or maybe skirts all the time to church. I tape the sermon on my whoop-dee-doo sound recorder then download it to my iPod and I listen to it at night all week as I go to sleep. Even though I hang on his every word, when I listen to it through the week I hear things I missed on Sunday. Funny, huh? Not funny haha, but just interesting.

My boy gave me a lecture tonight. Ever been lectured by an 11-year-old? Sheesh. I accidentally called Charlie (he's a dog who lives with Patches) a noodlehead. I know, how mean. I shouldn't have said it. My child stopped what he was doing and looked at me as if I'd just spit out a four lettered word. But Charlie is a dumb dog. He's dumb as a rock. My esteemed child instructed me on loving both dogs equally even if one is dumber than the other. He said Charlie wants my love and we've been asked by the family to care for both dogs, and the cats, while they're on vacation, so we must treat the dogs equally. And he told me I have to say good-bye to Charlie and pet him on the ears just the same as I do Patches. He's a good son. It can be irritating to have my teaching come back at me when I don't want to hear it though!

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