Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two whole students

I led dance today. It went well! Mainly I was afraid of running out of exercise warm-ups and then finishing way, way, too early. But I used up the full hour and a half. I spent about 50 minutes on warm-up and 30 minutes on dance. One lady said she liked that I went slowly and she said she felt good after class - her body was loose and limbered up. Yay! She made my day. I worked those ladies! I asked them if they were warmed up and they said "Yes!" quite enthusiastically. We did abdominal crunches so I could be sure they were sweating. Heh. I did notice that everything I did, even if I rubbed my nose, the ladies would do it too. Haha! It's much different teaching than following. It is. Preparation for teaching requires more time than I thought. As I write this I have just realized I completely forgot to do a cool down. For shame! Ack.

To prepare I wrote my plan down on paper. So I could see it without my reading glasses, I printed it with like a 28 point font. 'Tis a pity my eyes are so bad. Extremely annoying. I taught them how to develop graceful hands for their snake arms, how to do hip bumps and speed them up to a shimmy and then walk with it. That's called a walking shimmy. And lastly, camels, which are actually undulations. It went well and I'm so glad and relieved. I had a talented teacher in California or I'd never have been able to do it.

My boombox had a buzzing sound in it. The sound was great, great, great!, except for there seemed to be a loose speaker inside of it. I was incredibly disappointed. I phoned and got all the info to do an exchange. I want it real bad but if the second one is bum then that's that. I'll go to WalMart and get a $35.00 portable iPod player and cry in my soup. I wrote down the serial number just in case they try to send me the same one. Just in case. Yep.

I'm duperly looking forward to going to Albuquerque tomorrow for the Christians United for Israel meeting. It's about an hour from here and for only five bucks I'm going on the church bus with the churchity-church people. I wonder who I'll sit by. I wonder who's going. Wow, I hope it's awesome. How can it not be awesome. Whatever happens it's imperative we be on the right side of Israel. Balaam said, "I cannot curse what God has blessed." No sirree. Nobody can.

But seriously, what am I going to wear. I think I'm going to wear an ankle length, 3-tiered, black skirt and a white tunic with black embroidery and my stompalicious Doc Marten boots with cute socks. If they teach any simple dances I'm gonna run down there, or up there, or where ever they are, and join. When I went to the Messianic Synagogue in San Diego the dancers dressed modestly. They didn't even wear tight t-shirts. That's why I'm wearing that loose tunic. Not sure about my hair. Can't wear it down, too much trouble. Has to be comfy for the drive. Maybe that twisty like Kara wears or a single braid. I wear my Ficcare so much so I don't want to wear that.

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