Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I used to think that the ladies on the Christian boards went so overboard with the courtesy. It seemed so fake. To me, the verbal kindness when there was even a minute possibility of hurting someone else's feelings was so girly and artificial. Sometimes it went on to such length that it was like a ping-pong game.

But over time I got to know the women. Over time I have read hotly debated topics and I have witnessed women who have thoughtfully articulated opposing views very strongly and at the end they politely, courteously, and with humility, gave the other woman space. It used to blow me away. It is rather an art, isn't it, which requires practice. I try to follow suit now. Respect. And kindness. They help a community maintain a bond. Without them you have every other discussion board on the Web.

I'm so sensitive, I get my feelings hurt for other people. Haha!

I don't like meanness. Apologies are good though. If they're direct and humble.

Tomorrow my new boombox arrives via U.P.S. It should be at the Visitor's Center about noon. I hope it sounds good. I hope it's not a lemon. I hope it's got good bass.

I did my toenails purple with purple and magenta glitter on top. My husband said, "Pretty toes."

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