Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shoe shine man

I've had a tummy ache all day. Didn't do homeschooling or go to dance. I mostly lay around like a blob.

Our son shines boots for income. We're proud of his entrepreneurship. Sometimes people give him generous tips. He's tried several things. You may remember, once he went trailer to trailer asking if people wanted him to walk their dogs and some people slammed their door in his face and some acted like they had rocks in their head when he explained what he would do for them. You'd think they'd understand he's just kid who's trying to make some money. I was right proud that he didn't fold up. He kept pluggin' along till he found out people like to get their cowboy boots shined here in New Mexico. He earned nine dollars today. He's thrilled.

So I did a little research on shoe shining just for the ducks of it. I found a quality video I want to share. Such sage advice here, especially about bondage. It's a guy in Alabama, age 69, who shines shoes.

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